EverLast Advertisements

EverLast Forest community advertisement

- ELF is creating open doors for our community by setting up away for our users to advertise on our forum, The community can advertise anything from letting people know of their shiny new chatsite, commission or general sales topics or even letting people know they have other places they post their work. ELF wants to create openings for the community which means giving the users away to advertise and let people know who they are! -

How to set up your advertisement!

Step one: Email us at everlastforestchatsite@gmail.com and title the subject with your username and "ELF Advertisement Request" In your email ensure to include a GIF img of atleast 3 slides and no larger then 300x90. We will also need a link to where this ad takes the users!

Step two: Your ad will be reviewed and we will take great care to ensure your ad will bring views by ensuring ad quality. On the rare occasion an ad will be rejected should we feel that it perhaps is to blurry or does not send the correct message to the user base with possible other reasons, if your ad is rejected we will ensure that we provide a proper description on how you can improve your ad.

Step three: The approval stage! Once your ad is approved you will be informed of when your ad is set to start and when it is set to expire. You will then need to provide us with your paypal email so that we can invoice you. Once payment has been received your ad will be posted to the public!

Standard ad Rates!

1/mo: 10$
2/mo: 20$
3/mo: 30$


Forum post rates!

1/W - 2$
2/W - 4$

These rates are for Forum post related advertisement. And are only displayed in the market area you are purchasing advertisement for.


1. Ads can only be 300x90 as to not overwhelm the server and it just looks more appealing.
2. Ads should be in .gif format and have atleast 3 slides relevant to what you are advertising! and a max of 8 slides.
3. Ads cannot contain NSFW content, extreme gore or anything that rapidly flashes or scrolls through content. Its important to keep ads tasteful and PG 13