Chatlands 2020 Kickstart - Launching tomorrow!

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Chatlands 2020 Kickstart - Launching tomorrow!

Post by CrowFly » Mon Feb 24, 2020 9:22 pm


Chatland's is excited to announce that the long awaited kickstarter will be launching tomorrow Tuesday, February 25th at 8 AM Pacific (11 AM Eastern).

This has been an exciting and nerve wrecking event, That chatlanders have been looking forward to, a Fresh start. Many are unsure, many excited but me personally? I am super happy to see that chatlands is going to be taking a huge step forward in fixing a site that was sadly falling apart do to old coding and many other things that time sadly wouldn't let us fix. So the hope and plan for the Chatlands 2020 kickstart is to rebuild from scratch what is already there, but make it even BETTER that, sounds, sooooooo amazing. And I am just so excited and pumped. So lets get pumped together and help support the chatlands 2020 kickstart, This will be a huge step for EverLast Forest as well we will be able to do so many things once the new chatlands 2020 is ready to launch.

but of course heres a few things you need to know.

We all know here what chatlands is, but incase your new to the platform:

Chatlands is a 2D graphical chat site where users can create their own custom avatars. With a vast number of worlds to explore, Chatlands attracts all types of people. Along with chatting, Chatlands users can role play in some areas, and discuss and share their ideas, interests, and art on the forums.

"The first Chatlands website, Wolfhome, began operation over twenty years ago, way back on Halloween, 1999. We just celebrated our twentieth anniversary of the world's first browser based 2D avatar chat. As the years rolled on, we added more sites, and we named the collection “Chatlands”. It’s been a long journey, and it makes us happy to see how many people have stuck with this for so many years.

But, times change... And it’s become clear that Chatlands is overdue for an update. We could go on about the way that technology has changed in the past twenty years, but we won’t. Instead let’s talk about the future!"

But wait... whats happening?

Chatlands 2020 will be a complete rewrite of the existing service. This new version, also referred to as CL 2020, will be written in a modern and responsive style, taking into account mobile devices, tablets and other emerging technologies. While we are revitalizing the chat room interface, CL 2020 will add new features like keyboard shortcuts and intelligent click handling. It will feature significant enhancements to the Bodyshop, Room Editor, Map Editor, and Domain Editor. We'll explain more about those in just a minute. This update will also simplify the process of domain creation and domain management. And like we already said, we’re also updating our support for mobile phones and tablets!

And there's just so much more!

head to this link to find out how YOU can help the chatlands 2020 project and be a huge part of it by pledging. There are several rewards including rewards from yours truly, CrowFly! And so many amazing artists putting forward their time to help this project.

If you have any questions or concerns you are more then welcome to each out to me. I am happy to answer any questions you have or help you decide on the best pledge for you. <3 :smile:

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